Chain Hoist

KYUNGDONGare differentiated from existing chain hoists in terms of the following points, which are the features of the KYUNGDONG chain hoists.

1. Work efficiency will be enhanced as the dual speed type, which operates in both high and creeping speeds (Speed ratio 4:1) for the lifting and transversal activities, is set as standard specification.
2. The products are light and solid due to the aluminum body made of die casting and the cover made of engineering plastic, and they are also compact in their structures, making it easy to handle them.
3. Taking into consideration that the faults in existing chain hosts are mostly attributed to the levers of the upper and lower limit switches, a slip clutch system, in stead of upper and lower limit switches, is employed for the KYUNGDONG chain hoists, helpful removing factors for troubles.
4. The KYUNGDONG chain hosts are compact in their structures and have a shorter hook distance, allowing them to operate in a more widened working range even in an area where the working space is tight and in low buildings
5. It is possible to run the systems quietly as there generate less noise and vibration as high torque motors with an insulation class of Category ‘F’ and polished gears are used.
6. The “FEC” load chains are used and mechanical interlock push buttons are used, enhancing the safety for the operators.
7. A dual safety device including the overload slip clutch and the electric overload limiter, is adopted to protect chain hoists from being overloaded, making it possible to use for long without troubles.