Wire Rope Hoist

According to the industrial safety and health act, the hoists of 0.5 or heavier tonnage should be inspected for design, performance and the completed state when completed, and only the qualified hoists can be used. Based on the technological power accumulated so far, we have produced and supplied products that could always satisfy those who need them.
KYUNGDONG Hoist has shipped only the products that passed the performance test by KOSHA (Korea Occupational Safety & Health Agency)
1. Highest safety
Push Button Switch
The Bando push button switch is specially manufactured for the exclusive use for hoists (cranes) in a way that various functions can be added as required by the industrial safety and health act. It is an ensured mechanical interlocking system (Seesaw type) to guarantee the safety related to hoists (cranes) when they are operated.
Hoisting Limit Switch
The upper limit switch is made in a two-stage configuration. The 1st stage is for shutting off the operating cable and the 2nd stage is for cutting off the power cable
Load Block
As the load block has a front cover, safety is enhanced and there is no need to worry about the deviation of the empty trolley’s wire rope
2. No need for maintenance and inspection
High-precision bearings and the epicycle structure in air-tight oil boxes are employed for the bearing section and the D.C brake is also used for all models, making operation easier and maintenance unnecessary.
3. An electric braking method is adopted
The electric braking method applied for preventing downward acceleration will help reduce faults and abrasion and can stop the objects that are being transported at any location.
4. A block building system is applied
As the block building system is applied, assembly can be carried out without restrictions and wiring can be changed simply. When a problem occurs, maintenance can be implemented within a short time.
Suitable for high lift: As a 30-minute rated motor is applied, it is suitable for high lift.
5. Creeping hoist
Creeping hoist
Work efficiency is enhanced
A work object can be placed on the right position without inching. The work object can be moved in high speed when it needs to be transported, while it can be moved in creeping speed when it needs to be handled delicately. There will be no overrun of it. The system is safe and highly efficient.
Work safety is ensured.
Accident can be prevented as the short-distance lifting can be carried out neatly. Shifting between high speed and creeping speed occurs gradually without any shock. When the two-stage push button switch is pushed slightly, the operation will occur in creeping speed. When it is pushed hard, the operation will occur in high speed, so there will no be danger even when the switch is operated wrongly.
No damage to the work object
As there is no possibility at all that the work object exceeds or does nor reach the desired position, or is placed with some shock, even a work objet that needs to be processed in precision will not suffer any damage