Explosion-Proof Wire Rope Hoist
“As all parts are designed and manufactured based on explosion-proof structures and only the products that are validated through the explosion test by Korea Occupational Safety & Health Agency (KOHSHA) are used, it is guaranteed that works can be carried out safely in those areas where there is a risk of explosion such as chemical plants and plants where gases are processed. KYUNGDONG EXPLOSION-PROOF HOIST is essential in carrying out works safely in those areas where pressure-resistance and explosion-proof is required”

Low Head Type
As the height of the lifting hook is made longer, the hoist can lift work objects higher in an indoor area where the
  ceiling is low.
Compared with a mono rail type hoist with the same capacity, this type product can lift the work object higher
  by 250 ~ 500mm.

Low Head Type  
- Capacity : 0.5 TON ~ 5 TON
- Lift : 6 M
(* Required to contact the company separately for inquiries about the products whose lift is higher than the standard lift)
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